Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is out

Today is a great day for Ubuntu fans, as the new Oneiric Ocelot has been released by the development team.
I’m upgrading one of my notebooks as I’m writing you this post. Hope nothing goes wrong 🙂

Oneiric Ocelot upgrade

Oneiric Ocelot upgrade

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11.10 includes a new release of compiz and Unity. Highlights of this release are:

  • A new Alt+Tab switcher.
  • “Places” are renamed to “Lenses”. This feature now also integrates multiple sources and advanced filtering options like ratings, range, and categories.
  • The Dash has a new music lens, linked to Banshee, that searches your personal and online music collections.
  • Better performance of launchers and panel, ported to GTK 3 and GTK 3-based indicator stack.
  • Full support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other script languages.

Read more on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseNotes?action=show&redirect=OneiricOcelot%2FTechnicalOverview

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