Old stuff from the “attic” …

Yesterday I searched through my stuff from my parents’ house and found an old tape recording of NOMAD, a rock band I created a long time ago with some friends of mine.
I don’t remember very well, but I believe the song was recorded back in 1995 or 1996. At that time I was playing the guitar.

Unfortunatelly after I listened to it I realize it was not the original recorded version, but a remastered copy done in house, with my guitar solo’s trials.

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Also our english was very poor at the time, and we named the song “By my own” instead of “On my own” :-).

Nevertheless, here is the mp3 version of the song to be remembered. Download By my own here

Almost forgot: the band composition was Me (solo guitar), Edward (rhythm guitar and voice), Mihai aka Tinere (bass), Andy Ilie (rhythm guitar) & Cristi (drums).

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Old stuff from the "attic" ..., 9.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

3 thoughts on “Old stuff from the “attic” …”

  1. Breeeeeeeeeee foarte tare. Mama de cand cautam asta. Mai ai cumva si inregistrarea video?
    Breeeeeee nu imi vine sa vred. Tre sa bem o bere impreuna sa mai povestim. Hai ca nu se mai poate 🙂
    Te pup si multam !

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  2. nu o mai ai pt. ca i-ai trimis originalul lui varu-tu in new zeeland …..nu te-am iertat nici acum 🙂
    hai sa traiesti ! baga un email

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