How to extract the exchange rates from NBR’s website datafeed

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Hi everyone,

Some of my friends asked me how to display on their websites the exchange rates provided by the National Bank of Romania, so I have decided to make a little tutorial about it for anyone who might found it useful.

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First of all we need to read the feed provided. We will do this using the following code:

$szFeed = "";
$arrXML = simplexml_load_file($szFeed);

Next, we will need a variable to hold our exchange rates.

$arrCurrency = array();

Assuming we have no errors so far we will have to parse the result hold in $arrXML.
We will do this with a “foreach” loop:

$nIndex = 0;
foreach($arrXML->Body->Cube->Rate as $rate)
	// we need a variable to store attributes for rate element
	$arrAttribute = array();
	// the rate element can have two possible attributes:
	// currency and multiplier as exemplified below
	// <Rate currency="GBP">4.7690</Rate>
	// <Rate currency="HUF" multiplier="100">1.4603</Rate>
	$arrAttribute = $arrXML->Body->Cube->Rate[$nIndex]->attributes();
	//check to see if multiplier is present
	if ($arrAttribute[1] != null) $szMultiplier = " x " . $arrAttribute[1];
	else $szMultiplier = "";
	$arrCurrency["{$arrAttribute[0]}"] = $rate;
	// now print the currency
	echo "$nIndex - 1 $arrAttribute[0] $szMultiplier = $rate RON" . "<br />";

If you wish to extract only the rate for EUR you get it from $arrCurrency[“EUR”].

Off course you have to add some error checking on the way.
If you want to learn more about simplexml_load_file you can check the official php manual.

Download the source code here:  Source code for exchange rates tutorial.

Hope you liked it.

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